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Body Beautiful Spa Features Fractora Firm/Forma

“When we get older stuff starts to sag and to droop a little bit…it doesn;t look really pretty, but you know what? To fix fix it used to mean surgery. But not any more!” You can have tighter skin on your neck, face, arms and more without pain or surgery! Dr. Marlena Krueger of Body Beautiful Day & Medical Spa introduces the next generation of skin tightening technology on the Looking Good segment of Sonoran Living Live.

The Forma laser is the latest radio frequency device that remodels the collagen from below the skin. This device takes accurate temperature measurements of the skin and releases appropriate heat to treat the skin. The optimal temperature and timing of the device creates a personalized and precise treatment.

• No cutting, no downtime, no pain
• Unique temperature controls increases comfort and personalization
• Results are seen immediately after treatment of loose skin

“Typically 6 to 8 treatments is what you need. We usually do it once a week for the first 8 weeks then maintenance once a quarter.”The skin begins to sag as we age despite eating right and exercise, but this 45 minute treatment has changed the aging game.