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BodyFX Austin News Dr. Jennifer Walden

“Imagine if you could erase your cellulite with the wave of a wand.” BodyFX is a long lasting non-invasive solution to cellulite and fat.

From the Article:

Austin plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden states that “BodyFX by InMode actually uses radiofrequency in a vacuum pressure to decrease the appearance of cellulite and also reduce the unwanted fat”. It sucks up the fat and then it delivers a pulse to it. “I was very hesitate when Dr. Walden brought this up, however having done it and lost almost 2 and a half inches on my hips. I am a very firm believer.” Using radio frequency energy, fat cells are destroyed and flushed out of the body.

Patient Billie Sudbrack is introduced to BodyFX after expressing her concerns with surgical treatments. BodyFX helped Sudbrack lose over 2 inches off her waist line. With six to eight treatments, results with BodyFX typically lasts up to 6 months. With regular diet and exercise, results can last much longer.

• Treats fatty areas and cellulite that are difficult to target at the gym
• Radio frequency energy provides precision heating for optimal results
• Clinical studies show volume reduce and contraction

Dr. Walden’s website: