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BodyFX on the Rachel Ray show

From the Article:

With every New Year, we all universially make the New Year’s resolution that we want to look better. We want to take care of ourselves. We maybe want to get thinner, drop some weight and every women out there is desperate to have smoother skin. “We are tackling women’s biggest problem or nightmare. Cellulite!”

Cellulite can affect anyone of any size, weight or an yes, even gender! Contrary to popular belief, these dimples are not connected with fat. A thin person can have cellulite. Dr. Anthony Youn joins Rachel Ray in discussing the new innovative way to attack cellulite.

Dr. Anthony Youn combats cellulite on an audience member using the newest applicator, BodyFX. Using radio frequency energy and heat, fat cells are permanently reduced and naturally flushed from the body. With results lasting up to six months, BodyFX can reduce the thigh circumference by an inch! Burn away the fat on love handles, hips, thighs and more! This non- invasive long lasting solution improve the contours of the body without pain or downtime. BodyFX is the a great alternative to surgical fat reduction methods such as liposuction.“Who doesn’t want to be smaller, smoother and tighter?”

• Radio frequency energy targets problematic fatty areas of the body
• Precision targeting treats hard to reach areas
• Negative pressure massage applies ideal pressure for maximal depth treatment

BodyFX is a vacuum system that sucks up your skin into it. It is a painless system that creates a suction to get good distribution of radio frequency energy to melt fat cells and get rid of those dreaded dimples. Each treatment is about half an hour with a treatment once a week. Initial treatments are weekly until the desired results are achieved. With maintenance every three to six months depending on your lifestyle, the BodyFX program is excellent for control cellulite.