Peak Power Effect On Skin Rejuvenation Using Ipl: Lumecca Ipl Evaluation

This article is intended to demonstrate efficiency of the IPL device which is designed to provide the highest peak power and shorter pulse duration for treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

Methods and materials
The Lumecca IPL device (InMode Ltd.) was used in a pilot study for treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. The Lumecca IPL device has a peak power of 3.3 kW/cm2 and 3 cm2 area. That combination allows for a fluence of 10 J/cm2 at a pulse duration of only 3 ms. Such pulse durations correspond to the TRT for vessels with diameters of 70 μm. For comparison, a pulse width of 20 msec corresponds to a TRT of a vessel with diameter of 18 μm. In patients a single treatment with fluence of 8-16 J/cm2 and filter of 515nm was performed and followed-up after four weeks.

Single treatment with Lumecca provides significant improvement for majority of patients. Exceptionally short pulses provide improvement even for some patients who had previous treatments with other IPL devices. The high peak power of Lumecca makes its effect on vascular lesions comparable to a pulse dye laser.