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Third Generation Body Contouring with
Apoptosis (Fat Death), Contraction
and Cellulite Improvements

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How does BodyFX work?


BodyFX treatments target problematic fatty tissues for ideal body contouring.

"BodyFX was used in my study to determine if a non-invasive radio frequency assisted device could cause permanent fat reduction. In order to reach what I consider irrefutable data, the study involved weight measurements, high resolution ultrasound, 2D and 3D Vectra photography. Furthermore, objective measurements were summarized from a third party technician and third party statistician. At three months’ post treatment the statistical analysis confirmed statistically significant volume loss. In some of my thinner patients I noticed results similar to liposuction."

- Dr. D. Duncan | Plastic Surgeon | Fort Collins, CO

Before & After PHOTOS

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Courtesy of Janae Beauty Institute
Courtesy of Janae Beauty Institute
  • Courtesy of Janae Beauty Institute
  • Courtesy of Dr. D. Duncan
  • Courtesy of Dr. Bayerl
  • Courtesy of Dr. Mulholland
  • Courtesy of Dr. S. Mulholland
  • Courtesy of Dr. S. Bittar / J.Sisto

Features & Benefits

impact scheme: BodyFX

Controlled heat


Vacuum 300-500 mBar
RF Output Frequency Up to 50 W
Output Frequency 1MHz
Temperature Cut-off Real time temperature monitoring and cut off operator selectable to 43°C

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