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Diolaze – Laser Hair Removal Featured on The Doctors

Kerrie has suffered from facial hair due to excess hormones. “I’ve tried everything from waxing to electrolysis. Laser was amazing, but then I got pregnant and the hormones kicked in. It came back full force.”

After trying traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing, young mother Kerrie tries out Diolaze live on The Doctors. Dr. Anthony Youn performs a live Diolaze laser hair removal session with this new revolutionary device. Diolaze is different from other hair removal devices as it is faster, painless and more powerful. It is a painless laser hair removal system that is also safe on dark skin.

From the Article:

“Today we have the Diolaze. It is a new revolutionary device for laser hair removal. And it’s got three things that it does better than any other device out there. It’s very, very fast. This is the fastest device that is on the market. It’s nearly painless…And on top of that, it is very, very powerful.” It will zap the hair and it will burn that hair follicle to get rid of it without absolutely no pain. “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”

Diolaze can provide permanent hair reduction in just six to eight sessions. With unique diode scanning technology, Diolaze provides speedy hair removal with virtually no pain.

• Gold standard pulsing and power for optimal results and maximal safety
• Targets and treats the most stubborn hair
• Can treat up to skin type VI