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Dr. Natan Yaker Demonstrates Fractora on Viva la Manana

“In the beauty industry, the most important aspect that interest women is how to diminish the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles appear due to natural aging and environmental exposure, but they can be prevent by taking early action.” Dr. Natan Yaker joins Crystal Ayala on Viva la Manana to talk about getting rid of wrinkles with the new device, Fractora. Fractora delivers bipolar radio frequency energy to various depths in the skin through. “It penetrates the skin and causes the skin to contract and rejuvenate from within.”

• Variable levels of energy for a personalized treatment
• Comparable to top CO2 laser treatments without the downside of redness and downtime
• Safe on most skin types and acne scars

Dr. Yaker recommends patients to start anti-aging treatments between 35 to 40 years old. Prevention is key to youthful looking skin. “Fractora not only treats wrinkles, but can also address large pore size and pigmentation issues.” Now women can fight the war against wrinkles without going under the knife using this laser device.