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Dr. Youn Makes Age Spots Disappear with Lumecca

One of the main signs of aging is discoloration and age spots on the skin. Dr. Anthony Youn is featured on the Rachel Ray Show demonstrating the latest non-invasive treatment for age spots. Lumecca is an IPL device by InMode that uses innovative light technology to treat and target dark pigmentation in the skin. Over time the age spots will darken and literally fall off. Lumecca’s unique technology allows it effectively remove age spots permanently, without harming the surrounding skin.

- Safe to use for light and dark skin
- Treats pigmentation, superficial vessels, skin texture and photo damage
- Achieves complete photo rejuvenation in less than half the sessions of standard IPL’s

Lumecca is virtually pain-free. During Dr. Youn’s live demonstrating on his patient Donna, she described it as “less painful than snapping a rubber band”. This non-invasive laser device is quickly becoming the must-have treatment. Find a local Lumecca physician in your area.