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Fractora Increases Revenue 90K in 90 Days


Speaker: Dr. Victor Rueckl

Title: Fractora Increases Revenue $90K in 90 Days (and $300K in 1 Year)

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Description: With nearly 30 years of experience, Dr. Rueckl has carefully evaluated the cosmetic dermatology products available on the market and discusses how one treatment, Fractora, has contributed significantly to his bottom line of $90K to 90 days (89 Fractora cases and $91,125 in revenue).  Dr. Rueckl shares the his business practice success including full transparency on his financial numbers, business practice strategies and patient demographics.

Update: After a 12 month analysis total revenue to date is $332,800.  In the patient base, 70% were existing patients and 20% were referred by other patients who had Fractora themselves or thought of one of their friends as a candidate.

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