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ExtraTV Fractora RF – Inmode Solutions

Want to look like a star? Extra TV Beauty By The Numbers features the latest secret to the fight against aging, without the need to go under the knife! Just speak to a facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Raj Kanodia about Fractora RF, the revolutionary new device for combating wrinkles. Fractora RF is a non-invasive treatment that uses radio frequency to lift and remove years off the face.

Fractora RF is safe to treat the new and other areas with profound contraction. Results are seen after a month of treatment and last up to a year or more. Fractora RF mimics aggressive fractional CO2 without the downtime, redness or pigmentation drawbacks. It is a full scale treatment with customizable fractional energy for optimal results. “The secret to fighting the war against wrinkles is taking preventative measures earlier on.”

• Variable depths, densities and energy levels for personalized treatment
• Comparable results to the best fractional CO2 laser without the downtime
• Treats deep wrinkles, improves photo damage, treats acne scars & tightens the skin