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Famous Celebrity Dingdong Dantes uses TiteFX

“Want to be the hotter and sexier you?” Who doesn’t? In this episode of Body by Belo, Dr. Vicki shares the secret to a super star like body – BodyFX. BodyFX is the latest in body contouring technology using radio frequency energy to burn fat cells and sculpt the body. Famous celebrity film actor and model, DingDong Dantes visits Dr. Belo once at least once a year for body contouring touch ups with BodyFX. Maintaining the celebrity physique can be difficult. BodyFX can treat areas that are difficult to target at the gym such as the love handles, cellulite and the abdomen. It was challenging for Dantes to achieve his celebrity body with just diet and exercise.

BodyFX penetrates an inch into the skin and permanently reduces fat cells. This non invasive procedure is the ideal alternative to surgical body contouring procedures such as a liposuction. Get the body you want with BodyFX.

• Negative Pressure Massage evenly distributes heat for optimal results
• Clinical studies show volume reduction, cellulite removal and contraction
• With 6-8 treatments and results lasting 6 months or more with regular diet and exercise