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Fractora Firm and BodyFX featured on Fox 26

Regaining your pre-mommy shape simply through diet and exercise can be difficult. Dr. Derek Lou, Medical Director of Renew Body Contouring shares the latest non-invasive treatments that are helping mothers take control of their shape.

From the Article:

The situation with the mommy tummy is usually a factor of stretching of the skin and some stretch marks that do occur with pregnancy. Dr. Lou uses a variety of non-invasive treatments to treat the mommy tummy: Fractora radio frequency energy resurfacing, Fractora Firm and tightening and TiteFX.

Forma or Fractora Firm and BodyFX or TiteFX are handheld radio frequency devices that pulsate through the skin. The Forma laser releases current flows to stimulate the formation of new collagen and improve skin elasticity. With built-in temperature controls, Forma can treat different skin concerns such as sagging or stretch marks.

• No cutting, no downtime, no pain
• Unique temperature controls increases comfort and personalization
• Results are seen immediately after treatment

To further contour the body, Dr. Lou introduces BodyFX, a scalpel free contouring treatment that combines heat, electricity and radio frequency energy. BodyFX targets problematic fatty tissues for permanent fat reduction and cellulite removal. Fat cells are destroyed and the skin is tightened. Coupled with negative pressure massage, BodyFX allows maximal depth treatment for the best results.