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Fractora for the Neck-on Channel4 with Dr. Ourian

Over time, all neck develop wrinkles and sags, but now for the first time there is an unique procedure that can lift your neck without surgery.

The traditional route to a smoother and tighter face and neck would be through surgical neck or face lifts, but Dr. Simon Ourian shares this new technology that can save patients the pain, time and costs associated with surgical procedures.

Using Fractora laser for loos skin, Dr. Ourian treats patients like Martina who are concerned with the formation of jowls and sagging underneath her neck. In a simple 5 minute session, Martina saw results almost immediately.

From the Article:

“There is heat and there is pressure and a little bit of a prickly feeling, but nothing that I can’t handle…I saw a tighter and smoother appearance right away.” It causes the muscle and fat tissues to shrink and firm up. It stimulates collagen and other elastin tissues so the results may look better over time.

• Variable levels of energy for a personalized treatment
• Comparable to top CO2 laser treatments without the downside of redness and downtime
• Safe on most skin types