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Dr. Mulholland on Fractora Laser Skin Tightening

Kathleen Fraiser is a grandmother looking for a style makeover before her daughter’s wedding. She contacted Rebecca Webster, host of Downright Domestic and Arifra Francisco from The Style House for your dramatic makeover. Put in touch with Canada’s top cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Mulholland from Spa Medica, Kathleen went on her first cosmetic consultation. When asked about her facial cosmetic concerns, Kathleen answered “These bags under my eyes…I feel like I look like a chipmunk.” Dr. Mulholland address Kathleen’s concerns as well as other cosmetic worries such as jowls and loose skin on the neck with Fractora, a non-invasive radio frequency device.

Fractora is the comparable to the best fractional CO2 lasers availble. Fractora treats moderate to deep wrinkles with multiple heating options unique to patient needs. This innovative laser device is safe to treat the face, neck and ethnic skin. With Fractora, patients can correct skin issues such as pigmentation problems, photo damage, sagging and more.

• Less downtime or risk as compared to other fractional CO2 lasers
• Include multiple tips with various depths and density treatments
• Full scale treatment with customizable fractional laser energy

Kathleen’s amazing results show tighter firmer skin, less jowls, and toned neck and jawline. Find out where you can locate a InMode physician near you and consult about Fractora.