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Fractora – Nonsurgical Neck Lift (ABC)

“Many women say as they get older the skin around their neck and jaw line begin to sag. It many cases its not enough of an issue to warrant plastic surgery, but there is a new non-invasive option.”

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Steven Davis shares the newest treatment that can address these concerns without a single cut on this ABC News 6 feature. Called the “knife-less neck lift”, Fractora is the latest hand held anti-aging device making a splash in the beauty industry. This non-invasive treatment releases radio frequency energy to the effect areas of the skin, where it stimulates contraction and rejuvenation.

• Variable levels of energy for a personalized treatment
• Comparable to top CO2 laser treatments without the downside of redness and downtime
• Safe on most skin types and acne scars

Entertainer to the stars, Ana Moore is a patient of Dr. Davis’ and wants a “fresher look” with Fractora. This 45 minute treatment penetrates deep into the skin to target the source of the laxity. “We are going past that and addressing all the elastin fibers that cause things to tighten.” says Dr. Davis. Fractora is perfect for those stuck in the middle patients who want a lift without the cuts.