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Get rid of eye bags with Fractora

Celebrity facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Simon Ourian shares the latest non-invasive alternative to a surgical eyelift on Good Day LA. This new scalpel free procedure promises to get rid of dark under eye circles and bags, two issues that concern many aging men and women. Dr. Ourian demonstrates Fractora, a non-surgical anti-aging treatment, on his patient Bill.

From the Article:

“We are going to use a us and rf to help melt the fat underneath and tighten the skin above it. Then after 45 minutes…we will have tightened the skin and get rid of the bags under the eyes.” He can go back to work today, there is not going to be any downtime. This is non-surgical and is done completely in office. No Surgery. No Anesthesia. No Downtime.

Fractora delivers radio frequency and ultrasound waves into the skin. It can treat photo damage, textural concerns and pigmentation problems. With 2 to 3 sessions, results can last up to 5 to 10 years. After the treatment Dr. Ourian reveals a younger and rested Bill. Fractora, unlike surgical procedures, require no cutting, anesthesia or downtime. Patients can return to work immediately after treatment.

• Variable levels of energy for a personalized treatment
• Comparable to top CO2 laser treatments without the downside of redness and downtime
• Safe on most skin types