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Non Invasive Celebrity Procedures with Dr. Mulholland (Inmode Aesthetic Solutions)

Men and women are looking towards non-invasive cosmetic procedures to address their aging and body contouring concerns. Celebrity plastic surgeon and expert in non-invasive plastic surgery, Dr. Steven Mulholland shares the latest FDA-approved technology in non-invasive cosmetic treatments on Fox News 26.

Radio frequency devices such as Forma and Fractora can be used for color correction, wrinkle reduction, and skin tightening – the trinity of what patients want from their anti-aging treatment.

• Non-invasive, no downtime and no anesthesia
• Fractora mimics fractional CO2 lasers without the redness and pigmentation drawbacks
• Forma has built in temperature controls for customizable treatments and optimal results

For non-surgical body contouring, patients can seek BodyFX for the perfect beach body. BodyFX is a hand held device that emits electrical current that destroy fat cells in the skin. It can target treat those hard to reach areas you cannot target at the gym such as the love handles and thighs. BodyFX is excellent for those who need help reducing volume in certain areas of the body and are adverse to surgical procedures such as liposuction.

• Target treat those hard to reach areas
• Clinical studies show volume reduction, cellulite decrease and contraction
• With 6-8 treatments and results lasting 6 months or more with regular diet and exercise

Patients can achieve beach ready legs with Diolaze a new painless hair removal system for permanent hair reduction. Diolaze is the first ever high speed diode hair removal system with high speed, power and pulse.

• Built in cooling system makes hair removal virtually painless
• Can treat up to skin type VI
• Powerful enough to even target the most stubborn hairs