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Transform Discount Shoppers into Loyal Patients

Finally, the direct to consumer marketing program you’ve been asking for!

The first and only program from an Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer that geo targets patients suited for each practice’s unique patient profile.

What is the InMode Revenue Builder:

The InMode Revenue Builder program converts your existing patients, and new patients, into loyal buyers through the implementation of a VIP Rewards Program. Not only does your practice marketing reach thousands in your preferred target area, but it provides your practice with real time tracking and demographic assessment feedback.


How Does It Work?

Personalized Direct Mail logo Personalized Direct Mail to Target Audience

Personalized Direct Mail




InMode Marketing Services will work with your practice to clean up your existing patient database and secure a list of possible patients in your target area using customer demographics you consider important. After list validation, a personalized direct mail piece with your company logo and offers will be sent to the target audience. Results will be tracked real time.


Loyalty Cards

Customizable Loyalty CardsCustomizable Loyalty Cards

High quality cards with barcode tracking, your practice name, and patient name embossed. Optional expiration dates and contact info also be added to encourage usage.

Personalized Email Campaign

Personalized Email Campaign logo Personalized Email Campaign to Existing Patient Database

An ongoing email campaign with timely information on practice offerings will be scheduled through your email program. Assistance on an email program choice can also be incorporated. Loyalty through the offer of VIP Rewards, client point statements, monthly reminders and automated digital follow up will encourage patient participation into the program.



Sophisticated Tracking Software logoSophisticated Tracking Software

sophisticated tracking software

Various tracking software allows you to view if your target audience has used their loyalty cards.



Cloud Based Analytics logoCloud Based Analytics

Cloud Based Analytics

All information is stored in a HIPPA compliant cloud software that allows for revenue statistics to be tracked anywhere, anytime.



Exclusive Marketing Area logoExclusive Marketing Area

Exclusive Marketing Area

We guarantee that only one practice per household will be marketed. We will ensure you have an exclusive marketing area. We highly recommend you join the InMode Revenue Builder Program early to take advantage of this feature.


  • Data Extraction & Cleanse
  • Online Cloud Database
  • Conquest List Validation
  • Consultation Booklet
  • Campaign Planner
  • Complete Graphic & Design
  • Software & Barcode Scanners
  • Remote Employee Training


  • Cloud Database Management System
  • Email System Campaign
  • Sales Leads & CSI Surveys
  • Account Manager Services
  • Website & Mobile App Reports
  • Any-time Customization
  • Continual Training, Individual or Group
  • Help Desk & Tech Support

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