Innovations in Feminine Wellness

Innovations in Feminine Wellness
Author: Janet Handley, RN, vice president clinical operations (West Coast) for InMode

Preview: As women age, we may experience a host of new intimate health issues. Whether it’s post-childbirth vaginal trauma or reduced estrogen following menopause – these can be genuine concerns that impact our health and well being. Did you know that up to 76% of women have some type of sexual dysfunction? (SciELO)

So much attention has been paid to male erectile dysfunction that it seems to have overshadowed women’s intimate health issues. The erectile dysfunction drug market is expected to reach $3.4B globally by 2019 (Transparency Market Research) – a staggering figure.

What about women’s intimate health? What options do we have?

Advancements in health care protocols and technology are providing women with more options than ever for addressing our vaginal health concerns. Over half a million procedures of feminine rejuvenation were performed in 2016 and this market segment is projected to grow by 26% per year through 2021.  (Medical Insight Annual Aesthetic Practice Survey, January 2017)

What’s going on here?

What we’re seeing across the country is that women and their doctors are learning that advances in technology and health protocols can help them address the most intimate of health concerns without surgery, including:

  • Elasticity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva
  • Low blood flow and sensitivity
  • Pain sensation caused by labial hypertrophy
  • Level of sexual interest and self-esteem

Using InMode’s non-invasive feminine health technology Votiva, physicians and patients have reported seeing improvements in vaginal tightening, sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness. Previously, these types of results were only available with surgery.

Today, women have non-surgical, non-invasive options thanks to technologies such as lasers or radio-frequency (RF) technology. At InMode, we use RF technology, which enables our physicians to deliver immediate results using deep heating and resurfacing tools. Benefits of this non-invasive approach include: minimal discomfort, low risk and minimal downtime.

One of our physicians who uses Votiva to care for his patients shared: “I am impressed with the significant improvement in vaginal tightening, stress urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and vaginal dryness after a single treatment with Votiva. The results seem to be almost immediate in most patients. Votiva is a very comfortable treatment and takes only about 15 minutes, treating both internally and externally. I believe this new technology using bipolar radio-frequency will revolutionize women’s health in treating common conditions experienced after childbirth and aging.”

–Dr. Jeffery Caruth, an OBGYN/Cosmetic Surgeon

And another doctor saw immediate results:

“A remarkable part of the FormaV on the Votiva is that you can visually see a difference externally in only 10 minutes!  I have been able to see this from day one in all my treated patients.  This is a powerful benefit, as patients leave my clinic excited about the immediate change.”    –Dr. Jennifer Owen

If you can achieve these types of results without hormones or surgery to improve your intimate health, would you try it?

If you’d like more information, use our physician finder to schedule a consult with a Votiva doctor in your area.

Are you a doctor? Learn more about Votiva for your patients here: VOTIVA


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