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One‐year follow‐up results of hair removal using an 810 nm diode laser

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Introduction Laser hair removal is a common light‐based aesthetic procedure. Diode lasers and specifically the long‐pulse diode laser 810 nm are the most popular preference for hair removal due to the deep penetration and targeting of the hair follicle. In a recently published article, we presented our hair removal clinical evaluation results using an 810 nm scanning diode laser. Three‐ and six‐month follow‐up hair counts demonstrated an average hair reduction of about 70%. Objective In the current article, we demonstrate long‐term follow‐up hair removal results of 1 year after last treatment. Methods Among 11 out of 14 female patients who received three axillary hair removal treatments, 4‐6 weeks apart, returned to the 1‐year follow‐up visit. Treatment area photographs and hair count of 1‐year follow‐up visit were compared to baseline. Results The average hair count reduction of about 70% at 1 year after the last treatment was maintained. Conclusions The examined 810 nm diode laser has been proven to be a safe and effective for hair removal. Results sustain not only for 3 or 6 months but also for 1 year after last treatment.

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