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Dr. Lacy Kessler MD, Dr. Hayley Voige MD


From menarche to menopause, Dr. Kessler, Dr. Voige and the team of professionals at Deerwood Women’s Health and Wellness strive to meet the healthcare needs of women of all ages. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming, comfortable, and professional environment to enhance your clinical experience. Our doctors combine their up-to-date knowledge and recently trained skills, together with their love of the field and dedication to serving this community to create a package that is perfect for your OBGYN needs. We have also recently added a variety of Aesthetic services to further enhance what our practice can offer to patients.

technology specialist

  • Duo Light and Duo Dark
  • FormaV
  • Morpheus8
  • Votiva
  • AccuTite
  • Aviva
  • BodyTite

Address: 2420 Wycon Dr, Suite 403 Waco, TX 76712 United States

Phone: 254-420-0002

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