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Dr. A. James Paine, Jr


Dr. A. James Paine, Jr. is a highly respected, triple board-certified physician who is skilled at solving a broad range of medical and aesthetic challenges... all under one roof. He has been practicing for over 29 years, building a reputation of trust and excellence. He and his dedicated staff treat every patient with great sensitivity, providing the kind of care, empathy, and attention that is considered a thing of the past. He offers complete ear, nose, and throat evaluations, testing, and exams; as well as plastic surgery procedures for the face and body, all done in-office or his own in-house surgical center, Beckley Surgery Center. In addition, Dr. Paine built the state-of-the-art Healing Springs Medical Spa where he oversees and trains all his talented practitioners who offer the finest non-invasive face and body treatments and spa services.

technology specialist

  • BodyTite
  • FaceTite
  • FormaV
  • Votiva
  • Morpheus8
  • Plus
  • BodyFX
  • MiniFX
  • AccuTite

Address: 84 Brookshire Ln Beckley, WV 25801 United States

Phone: 304-255-2341

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