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Dr. Hugh A. Burt


Each physician in the practice diagnoses and cares for common medical problems such as hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol abnormalities, thyroid problems, arthritis, asthma, heart disease, depression, and many, many more. Individual physicians have special interests, but all are well versed in common medical problems. An internist (a physician who trained in Internal Medicine for at least three years after medical school) can typically help patients coordinate care among many sub-specialists and is a good primary physician choice for a person with any medical problem.

technology specialist

  • Fractora
  • Lumecca
  • DiolazeXL
  • BodyFX
  • MiniFX

Address: 4275 S. Burnham Avenue, Suite 128 Las Vegas, NV 89119 USA

Phone: (702) 320-7100

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