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Votiva offers immediate results, with continued improvements over time.

The growth in options for feminine health solutions has increased awareness for many health issues that were previously not addressed. As women age, their bodies face a host of new changes, from a loss in elastin and collagen, to physical trauma associated with vaginal childbirth, to reduced estrogen.

Common feminine health concerns include:

The time has come for a safe and effective treatment that is quick and comfortable. Votiva offers technologies that address internal and external treatment, with a resurfacing and/or non-invasive option.

forma v - image


FormaV is a non-invasive, sub-dermal heating technology for feminine health. Comfortable and uniform RF heating is applied to the internal vaginal tissue and external vulvar laxity or labial hypertrophy. The versatility of the FormaV allows the operator to provide a customized solution to address the variety of feminine health concerns that occur due to aging, hormonal changes, or physical damage. Patients often see results immediately, with continued results over the following weeks.


RF Output Power: 1 MHz
Output Frequency: 1.3 mm
Treatment Mode: Single pulse Continuous repeat mode
Temperature Cut-Off: Operator adjustable up to 42°C

Fractora v

FractoraV uses customized fractional RF energy to improve superficial skin tone problems (skin texture) to deep concerns (deep heating and tightening) through resurfacing. The bi-polar RF treatment allows clinicians to accurately treat a targeted zone for a precise non-invasive treatment. FractoraV allows for full depth heating that improves elastin and collagen remodeling to positively impact a women’s feminine
health and quality of life.


24 24 Coated
Type: Full Thickness Dermal Deep and Sub-Dermal
Configuration: 6 x 4 6 x 4 Coated
Ablation Depth: 3000 µ | 3 mm 3000+ µ | 3+ mm
Heating Depth: Between 3-5 mm
Output Pulse Power: Up to 65W
Frequency: 1 MHz
Repetition Rate: Up to 2 pps
Fractora v - image


Over half a million procedures of feminine rejuvenation were performed in 2016, generating more than $500 million in incremental fees for practitioners. By 2021, over 27,000 devices will be in use per this forecast,
producing an estimated $2.2 billion in fees.

- Medical Insight Annual Aesthetic Practice Survey, January 2017 -


  • Physician A remarkable part of the FormaV on the Votiva is that you can visually see a difference externally in only 10 minutes! I have been able to see this from day one in all my treated patients. This is a powerful benefit, as patients leave my clinic excited about the immediate change.

    - Dr. Jennifer Owen

  • Patient Oh my goodness! I can’t believe what a difference just one treatment made for me! Not only was I tighter ‘down there’, but I felt I was ready to start enjoying intimacy it was my very first time. I am so grateful for Votiva.

    - Maria