Get the ultimate in vascular resolution with a fast and chilled leg and facial vein treatment

How Does It Work

BodyTite is InMode’s latest minimally-invasive body contouring procedure that provides superior internal and external lipolysis, delivering results only achieved through more extensive excisional surgical procedures. BodyTite is powered by RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) resulting in three-dimensional remodeling.


Vascular lesions (including angiomas, telangiectasia, port wine stains and leg veins) can be treated with the Vasculaze applied to the surface of the skin.
Dr. H. Goren


Laser Wavelength: 1064 nm (diode)
Spot Size: 3mm x 4mm
Fluence: 40-300 J/cm2
Pulse Duration: 5-100 msec
Light Cooling Guide: 7-12° C



Optimas will help you optimize results for your patients and your business.


Forma is the first auto-adjusting non-invasive, thermal skin
treatment for deep and uniform tissue stimulation.

Clinical Results

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